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Deadly Shooting in Seattle Suburb Leaves 1 Dead and 1 Officer Injured

Deadly Shooting in Seattle Suburb Leaves 1 Dead and 1 Officer Injured
The response team, which is made up of different county police departments and the Washington State Patrol, responds to police use of force and looks into it. (Photo: Getty Images)

Officers from Washington State were looking into two neighboring businesses after the deadly shooting in Seattle.

Officials say that early on Wednesday morning, a police officer in a suburb of Seattle was shot, and another person was killed as a result.

From a report in the Seattle Times, very few details have been made public, including the condition of the officer, the manner in which the other person died, or the reason why officers were investigating two neighboring businesses in Everett, which is approximately 30 miles north of Seattle.

Deadly Shooting in Seattle Suburb Leaves 1 Dead and 1 Officer Injured

The officer was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center, where her condition is stable. (Photo: Daniel Kim / The Seattle Times)

Courtney O’Keefe, a spokesperson for the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team, which investigates officer-involved in deadly shooting in Seattle., stated that the wounded officer was in stable condition at a hospital where he was being treated for his injuries.

A report of an armed robbery and deadly shooting in Seattle was made shortly after 3 a.m. on Wednesday in Everett, which is an industrial city located around 110 kilometers north of Seattle. Four suspects were said to have gotten away from the crime scene.

They tracked down one of the suspects in the parking lot of a Fred Meyer grocery store, which was located close to a petrol station. As one of the cops arrived in his cruiser, the suspect opened fire on the car, wounding the officer in the process.

According to O’Keefe, in the situation of deadly shooting in Seattle, the suspect then ran across the street and into a car dealership, where he was shot and killed by a second officer from the Everett Police Department.

The response team, which is comprised of many county law enforcement agencies as well as the Washington State Patrol, is responsible for providing a response to and investigating incidents involving the use of force by law enforcement.

O’Keefe stated that law enforcement officers were present at two locations: a department store and a vehicle dealership that was located nearby.

The gunshot took place between the hours of 3 and 4 in the morning, and there were no additional recorded injuries from it.
A 911 call was received by the Everett police department just prior to the deadly shooting in Seattle., and many officers and suspects responded to the call. It was not immediately obvious whether or not this had any connection.

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