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Deadline Drawing Closer For Undocumented New Jerseyan Immigrant Workers To Receive Stimulus Aid


The American economy has recorded its highest inflation since 1982. That is in 40 years. Even though the economy is showing less unemployment – many citizens in the U.S. are struggling – and have become reliant on federal, city, or state aid. With the 4th round of stimulus checks unlikely to be issued by the federal government, various states and cities have taken the initiative into their own hands.



The Excluded New Jerseyan Fund

In this light, according to an online report by The U.S. Sun, some 500,000 residents in New Jersey have been unable to claim federal stimulus aid. Most of these residents are undocumented immigrant workers. For this reason, the  Excluded New Jerseyan Fund was created. However, according to this report, time is running out for thousands of eligible residents to apply for this program. This article will take a look at this topic in more detail. It will take a look at the characteristics of the Excluded New Jerseyan Fund in more detail. It will also look at eligibility and how to apply. Let’s begin.

An Overview Of The Program

According to this online report, officials and role-players launched the Excluded New Jerseyan Fund to provide relief for undocumented immigrant workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was initially allocated a budget of $40 million. At present, undocumented immigrant workers who are eligible can receive $2,000 in a once-off stimulus payment. In addition, households who fall into this category will receive $4,000 single stimulus payments from the fund.

The online report clarifies that the deadline for application to the Excluded New Jerseyan Fund is February 28, 2022. The program is available to undocumented immigrant workers who earn less than $55,000 a year. Furthermore, at present, at least 4,000 ‘Excluded New Jerseyans’ have already been paid out by the program. $9 million was used for this.

Lastly, as made clear by this report from the news provider, some 13,900 are still pending. Lately, in this light, if the Excluded New Jerseyan Fund runs out of funding earlier than its deadline – applications might shut early.