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Crime Expert Denied to Testify During an Oregon State Hearing on Gun Control Law

Crime and gun expert John Lott during estifies before the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security in December 2022. (Photo:

Oregon democrats forbade crime expert John Lott from speaking to the hearing about the gun control bill. A Republican has called this move a “prime example of censorship”.

Firearms and bullets. (Photo: University of the Fraser Valley)

Oregon State Holds Hearing on Gun Control Bill

According to the report of Fox News, the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee recently held a hearing concerning a new gun control bill, during which Republicans invited economist and crime expert John Lott to offer insights. Lott is an economist and founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center.

However, the Democratic chair of the committee, Floyd Prozanski, barred Lott from speaking during the invited portion of the meeting. Instead, he suggested Lott could present his comments during the public portion of the hearing. The decision was made after the senator reviewed articles from Media Matters and The Trace.

Republican senator Dennis Linthicum told Fox News Digital that this decision is typical coming from Oregon which he says has a long-standing, one-party Democrat majority rule. He also described it as censorship based on biased and invalid accusations.

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What is Oregon’s Proposed New Gun Control Bill?

Last year, Oregon’s Measure 114, which prohibited ammunition magazines that hold over 10 rounds and mandated a permit-to-purchase scheme, was narrowly passed by voters. Second Amendment groups such as the NRA, however, contested it through lawsuits, and it is still awaiting resolution in court.

In response, state Democrats have introduced S.B. 348, which would substitute certain provisions of Measure 114 and essentially replace it. The bill, if approved, would bar magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, mandate compulsory training, establish a gun owner registry, and call for residents to pay fees for a permit.


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