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Covid Loans Totaling Over $5.4 Billion were Given to Borrowers with “Doubtful” Social Security Numbers, Watchdog Claims

Taking target at the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars sacrificed to fraud within the $5 trillion in COVID relief payments given by both the Trump and Biden administrations, House Republicans will begin their new overall responsibility.

Rep. James Comer, R-Kentucky, who recently gained leadership of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, called the pandemic fraud “the largest cheating of America in American history.”

Comer stated to NBC News, “I believe that many of these epidemic programs might go down in history as the biggest transfer of income from the government to the wealthiest in American history,” stressing that the fraud was profitable for cybercriminals, most of them are located abroad. But every American must be angry, demanding that Congress act to solve the situation.

Comer claimed he doesn’t see any major improvements at the federal or state levels in the 3 years since the pandemic relief programs were started, even though the committee’s investigations have just started. “At the moment, I don’t believe the federal government can stop fraud.”

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