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Cosplayer Stabs Fiancé to Death, Claiming It Was Self-Defense


A former cosplayer killed her fiancé with a knife in self-defense; however, prosecutors said security cameras prove otherwise

Police claimed that before the terrible occurrence occurred, the cosplayer “screeched” at her partner. 

Cosplayer Stabs Fiancé to Death

Former female cosplayer-model Melissa Turner, 29, made a statement regarding the murder of Matthew Trussler, 25, whose corpse was discovered in a shared apartment earlier in 2019.

In a Meaww report, Turner said she and her partner went shopping on October 17, 2019, and then had lunch at their house in Tampa, Florida. 

A few hours later, it was discovered that he had passed away inside the house. 

Turner said she called the police after Turner was unresponsive. She told the 911 operator that he is chilly and not showing any signs of life.

Turner first admitted to investigators that the pair had consumed liquor the previous evening, but she did not recall what happened next. 

How the surveillance camera saw the incident

However, CBS News said Turner’s account was changed when detectives discovered a surveillance camera above a neighbor’s garage door containing information about what had transpired. 

Prosecutors said Melissa could be heard yelling at Matthew in an audio clip from the camera. 

Contrary to what Turner told the police, this scenario explains how the cut on her arm was caused by the stabbing of Trussler. 

John Travena, the client’s attorney, questioned his client’s screams and said the victim was babbling. But prosecutors ridiculed the defense arguments instantly. 

In a court case, the cosplayer later admitted to the crime and said she stabbed her fiancé.

She said that when her fiancé tried to choke her, she stabbed him in self-defense. After being discovered, Melissa Turner was taken into custody and accused with second-degree murder with a weapon.