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Congress Needs to Look at the Riots related to ‘Black Lives Matter’

Since the violence associated with Black Lives Matter in 2020, America will approach 2023 as a completely changed society. The revolutionary network that would bring about this fundamental change took years to develop. Undoubtedly, the protest leaders met for years to strategize how to “disrupt and transform” the United States.

Because the media won’t inform you, the majority of you are unaware of any of this. The traditional media chose to welcome the violence and blindly describe it as a “racial reckoning” or social justice movement rather than examining these revolutionaries and putting a spotlight on their explicit goals.

People were left open to major changes in the American way of life that was never honestly debated, much less decided on, as a result of this vast abdication of duty. Despite being jumped, nobody reported it.

The activists who have changed the workplace, the home, the barracks, the places of religion, and pretty much every other part of life in the name of social justice have long been clear that their objective is to change the nation’s political and economic systems. Their aim is the U.S. Constitution, capital and tiny letters combined. Journalists should have raised attention to this.