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Colombia Publishes Details Regarding the Second Chinese Balloon

After a second Chinese spy balloon was seen above Latin America, Colombian authorities disclosed more details about it.

When one was first seen over the United States in late January, sightings of strange Chinese balloons worried governments all over the Americas.

On the morning of February 3, the Colombian Air Force reported that it had found an object that had invaded its airspace at a height of over 55,000 feet.

According to the air force, an object with “features close to those of a balloon” was moving at an average speed of 25 knots over the “northern section of the country” on February 4.

It went on: “The Colombian Air Force followed the item through defense systems till it crossed (Colombian) airspace. Throughout this way, it was concluded that it didn’t pose a risk to aviation safety, national security, or the military.”

To discover the object’s origin, investigations have been carried out.

Colombia has seen an increase in Chinese economic opportunities recently, although there are allegedly few close political ties between the two nations.

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