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Claudie Haigneré, French Astronaut, Screams, “EARTH MUST BE WARNED!” Before Making Suicide Attempt

Despite occurring in 2008, the incident received new attention as a result of Max Spiers’ tragic passing. British UFO researcher Spiers was discovered dead on a friend’s couch after messaging his mother to have an investigation launched if anything occurred to him. It would appear that individuals who come into contact with or follow extraterrestrials are headed to trouble.

Before becoming a doctor and politician, Claudie Haigneré was an astronaut. Claudie and Jean-Pierre Haigneré spent over 2 weeks in the Russian MIR space station in 1996.

Claudie’s space research attempted to offer insights into how astronauts modified their motor and cognitive abilities in zero gravity. She has studied rheumatology and neuroscience.

She was the first woman from Europe to travel to the International Space Station in 2001. She has seen things that common people are unable to witness. And it most likely left her with a mark.

After leaving the space industry, Claudie entered politics between 2002 and 2005, serving as a minister delegate for new technologies and research. She began working at a biology lab at the Pasteur Institute in Paris as a result of budget cuts. Claudie reportedly headed the way in the study of human/alien DNA while there, according to obscure media sources. After then, she began to have negative outcomes.

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