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Chinese military concerned about American Starlink satellites and Javelin missiles

The key areas of issue for China’s military forces, who are attempting to overcome the skill gap created by such technologies, are Starlink satellites and Javelin missiles.

Based on an examination of over 100 publications in Chinese-language defense journals written by academics connected with the People’s Liberation Army which is researching American military capabilities used in the Ukrainian war, this is the case, as per Reuters.

According to Reuters, the Central Military Committee of the Chinese Communist Party is looking at the conflict in Ukraine as a chance to develop more robust defenses. Starlink satellites and Javelin missiles are difficulties that call for additional study, as per their conclusions, which are reported in the publications.

The outstanding achievement of the “Starlink” satellites in the Russian-Ukrainian dispute will undoubtedly lead the U.S. and Western nations to use “Starlink” widely in probable hostilities in Asia, as per researchers at the Army Engineering University of the PLA, who highlighted the desire to be capable of deactivating the satellites in a September article, as per Reuters.

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