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Check To See If Some of Florida’s Unclaimed Money Worth $2.5 Billion Belongs To You

This week, Jimmy Patronis- the Chief Financial Officer has launched the holiday money hunt. Encouraging and motivating people and residents of Florida to check whether they have unclaimed money or property. “There is currently $2.5 billion worth of unclaimed property accounts in Florida. To spread holiday cheer and give back every last penny to its true owners, CFO Patronis is on a mission,” based on a press release issued by his office.

The common and basic types of unclaimed properties are unclaimed insurance proceeds, dormant bank accounts, dividends, stocks, deposits, uncashed checks, refunds, and credit balances. Unclaimed properties also consist of contents from abandoned safe deposit boxes in financial institutions.

With the rising inflation and lack of money, finding and claiming some extra cash will not hurt anyone, and great when you are planning for a holiday. This extra unclaimed money can help and support many households and struggling families. Patronis stated, 1 out of 5 Floridians has unclaimed property and money.

In a statement, Patronis said, “I am glad to launch the Holiday Money Hunt this holiday season and raise awareness about unclaimed property in Florida. Everyone could use a little extra money during the holidays, and a surprise check from the State of Florida could make things a little better this year.” If you wonder about the time, it only takes a few minutes or seconds to check whether you are eligible or you’ve got some extra unclaimed money. To start the search regarding unclaimed property or money, residents and recipients can visit

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