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Check-Out these Hacks to Save Hundreds of Dollars at Costco

You can save hundreds of dollars with these hacks.
You can save hundreds of dollars when purchasing at Costco with these hacks. (Photo: Costco)

Emma Newbery, a finance journalist, revealed several methods to save money while shopping for groceries at Costco. Costco has a great reputation for its deals and coupons. But another method to save more money is using cashback apps.

Check out the following cashback rewards app to save money while grocery shopping at Costco.

Check out the following cashback apps to save money while grocery shopping at Costco. (Photo: iStock)

Cashback apps

According to The U.S. Sun, cashback apps partner with retail store and pay customers with rewards. Newbery recommended several apps, including Ibotta app. It is free and works with hundreds of retailers like Ebay, Best Buy, Kohls, and Walmart.

Newberry said to check for its offers and activate them before shopping. The app gives rewards by scanning the receipts within the week of purchase, and you can withdraw the rewards once it reaches $20.

The Fetch Reward app is the next recommended app by Newberry. This app has partnered with big brand names; hence, it would look at the items you purchase instead of the retailer you bought the products from. The app collects the point for every receipt scanned within two weeks of check out date. They may also give an extra point for “special offer” items for some specific brands.

Another recommended app is Checkout 51, which has features similar to Fetch Rewards. This app also focuses on the items rather than the store. Newberry also noted that the offer list of the app refreshes every Thursday.

Newberry recommended stacking rewards and using them with other offers. The cashback  app can be used with in-store discounts and Costco’s Instant Savings coupon.

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