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Central Texas Doctors Travel to Conflict-Torn Ukraine to Provide Help and Hope as: “God Really Laid it on Our Hearts”

Lately, 2 surgeons from central Texas traveled to war-torn Ukraine, carrying with them supplies, knowledge, and hope for a nation that is still troubled by tragedy.

They had an aim in mind when planning this journey, but there were obstacles to overcome. They knew that people required support but were unsure of the most effective route to take.

When they arrived, they found issues that had never happened before. “It was calm, all was safe, we had someone come pick us up, and kind of what we know from years of making travels in different countries, there’s always some hang up,” they said. So, sadly, as soon as we walked off the plane, our bags were taken, and they demanded payment, which was upsetting, said Freeland Ackley, an orthopedic and spine specialist at Baylor, Scott & White Hillcrest.

The two had traveled to other developing nations across the sea, so this was not their first time crossing the pond. They describe the environments as being impoverished and gloomy.

“Many still have to go to work and eat at restaurants because the battle has been going on for a long time. People are roaming. On the other hand, if you turn around quickly, you can see an area completely blocked off by military soldiers, sandbags, and barriers, according to David McCall, a general physician at Baylor, Scott & White Hillcrest.

Both doctors agree that the nation is talented and that it was an honor to interact with other medical professionals in the middle of so much tragedy.