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Casino Won’t Pay $42 Million to Woman, Offers Steak Dinner After Winning Slot Game

When a New York woman won the big jackpot at a casino in Jamaica, Queens, her life transformed (for a moment), but what happened next quickly made her fantasy become a reality.

At the Resorts World Casino, Katrina Bookman won $42 million while playing the slots. As per UNILAD, the win was the highest slot machine jackpot in US history.

Bookman was instructed to visit the casino again the next day after going to the cashier’s station to collect her money. She claimed that as she was leaving, she overheard a worker mention that she “didn’t win nothing.”

As it turns out, Bookman’s winning slot machine was broken, according to the New York State Gaming Commission. She was only meant to receive $2.25, according to a statement they released.

The commission was legally banned from paying her more than she earned because every machine in the casino has a sign that reads, “Malfunctions cancel all payments and plays.”

However, the casino did give her a free steak meal as compensation for her trouble.

A representative for Resorts World stated to CNN that “as soon as they were made aware of the issue, casino staff was able to identify that the amount shown on the penny slot was the product of an obvious fault, which was later verified by the New York State Gaming Commission.”

“We offered to pay Ms. Bookman the right amount that was listed on the ticket after explaining the situation to her. We apologize to Ms. Bookman for any inconvenience this may have caused. Machine faults are rare.”