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Casey Anthony Reveals About Her Daughter’s Murder- What Happened to Her, In Recent Docuseries

Casey Anthony is a popular mother of America, but only for rumors. and now she is clearing all the rumors, Casey is going to break all rumors about what happened to her daughter, also her 2011 murder acquittal and trial. In her new current series on PeacockTV.

Casey Anthony, the series consists of three parts. First is, about truth and where it lies, the defense team has also shown, never-before-seen evidence and on-camera interviews, also her personal footage, archives, etc.

In 2011, her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee got murdered and she was famously not guilty of the crime or murder. Since she is not guilty and her refusal of 2011, is Casey’s public opinion and it has been largely rumored by media that she is convinced of her guilty/crime, this statement is by Alexander Dean, the director of docuseries.

Dean also said that Casey has never had her deep-down and on-camera interviews describing her actions and guilty till now. And he continued that as a journalist and filmmaker his interest and curiosity are getting stronger to know the told truth about Caylee.

After hearing all sides of the story he is more curious than ever. The director said this is going to be so unexpected and curious that what she is going to say about what happened to her daughter, and he said he is also sure that the results will shock many Americans.

While, Casey was not guilty in 2011, and the case began many years ago. In October 2008, Casey was arrested on the accusation of her missing child, Caylee. Cindy Anthony, the mother of Casey Anthony, reported the missing complaint of Caylee on 15 July of the same year.

At first, Casey Anthony was accused of one count of first-degree murder of her own daughter. And another count for child abuse, one count of the manslaughter of children, and at last for giving false information and clues to the police, she has been charged with four counts. 

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