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Caregiver Hides 4-Year-Old Girl’s Remains in Old Oklahoma House

Officials found the corpse of Athena Brownfield, a missing 4-year-old from Oklahoma, in the home of a caregiver allegedly responsible for the child’s death.

Reports said that Brownfield’s caretakers were charged with the murder that occurred last week due to their attempts to deceive the police.

The reports also added that the caregivers allegedly killed Brownfield in Arizona.

Sources said the girl had not been seen since January 11, when a mail carrier observed the girl’s five-year-old sister playing outside of Ivon and Alysia Adams’ Cyril home. 

KSAZ reported that Ivon Adams, who was arrested last week in Arizona — had allegedly beaten the girl to death and buried her body on property he once owned.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation added the state medical examiner’s office in Oklahoma City was tasked with positively identifying the remains.

If the remains are those of Athena, it is stated in the brief statement made public by the OSBI. 

The authorities announced last Monday that the recovery of the victim’s body had replaced the search for the missing 4-year-old.

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Missing Oklahoma Girl’s Remains Found Where Caregiver Hid It

Court filings regarding the case showed that caregiver Alysia Adams reportedly told detectives that Ivon beat Brownfield to death at around midnight on December 25. 

According to an affidavit, the young child “was not moving and her eyes were barely open” after the beating. 

She “never moved after that,” Alysia told the investigators, after Ivon “laid her on the ground and pounded her at least three more times in the chest.” 

The girl was subsequently taken by Ivon, who buried her 15 miles from Cyril “along a fence line that was adjacent to their previous house in Rush Springs,” according to the affidavit.

Alysia said Ivon fled with the girl’s body at around one in the morning. He later went back and informed her he marked the grave on a property in Rush Springs.

It’s unclear when Ivon Adams will be extradited; he waived his extradition hearing last week, stating he wanted to return to Oklahoma “and fight this.” He is still incarcerated in Maricopa County.

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