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Caregiver Allegedly Burglarized Her Late Caregiver’s Widow in Florida: Accompanied By Three Other Suspects

In Orange County, Florida, an elderly woman’s home was allegedly . Deputies reported that Melissa Martinez and three co-defendants, Shakira Rivera Colon, 26, Jaydie Cintron Mayoral, 24, and Nelson Cruz Medina, 42, were all taken into custody on Friday.

The victim told deputies that two people broke into her home on December 1 while she was sleeping in her bedroom, according to the arrest affidavit posted via Facebook on January 07, 2023

Authorities stated that a woman wearing a clown mask was one of the suspects. The second individual was allegedly a man with a black ski mask. According to the arrest affidavit, he was armed with a sledgehammer and took the victim’s phone when she attempted to dial 911.

The two suspects took the safe from her bedroom and fled out the front door. Due to her home phone, the victim was able to contact authorities in the interim. Jewelry and family heirlooms were among the stolen goods. Authorities put a thousand dollar value on the items. The elderly victim was not hurt physically.

According to an article posted by Law & Crime on January 08, 2023, on the night of the home invasion, Martinez ended up pawning a 14K gold cross pendant/charm, a 14K gold necklace, a 14K gold ring with three diamonds on it, a 10K gold bracelet, and more.

Martinez’s phone is alleged to have been at the robbery’s scene before, during, and after it occurred based on cell record data.

Along with dealing in stolen items, Martinez and Cruz Medina face charges of faking ownership information.



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