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Calls for the American military to assault cartels are rejected by Mexico’s President

In answer to requests for the US military to step in to stop drug cartel killings in Mexico, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador dismissed the concept, claiming that doing so might compromise Mexico’s sovereignty.

Lopez Obrador stated at a news conference on Thursday that his government “would not allow any foreign government to interfere in our land, much fewer if the country’s armed forces intervene.”

He stated that it was an offense to the Mexican people and that Mexico “does not take instructions from anyone” since it was “not only foolish, but it is also wrong.”

In a letter published in Spanish on Wednesday, Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw questioned Lopez Obrador about his opposition to a bill the congressman had presented in January that would have allowed the US to use military force against Mexican drug cartels.

In a remark on January 12 announcing the proposed legislation, Crenshaw claimed, “The cartels are at war with us, harming over 80,000 Americans with opioids each year, causing a disaster at our border, and converting Mexico into a failing narco-state.

“It’s time to go after them immediately. By allowing the usage of military action against cartels, my proposal will declare war on them. We cannot permit dangerous cartels with advanced weapons to destroy Mexico and bring migrants and drugs into the US.

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