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California’s Guaranteed Income Programs: Selected Individuals Will Receive Monthly Payouts of $600-$1,200

In Los Angeles, California’s Department of Social Services announced on Monday that seven guaranteed income programs will receive funds totaling more than $25 million. Around California, the programs of the state-funded pilot will serve and provide to approx 1,975 residents. They will be provided with monthly payments starting from $600-$1,200 per month. The duration and period are 12-18 months, as stated by the CDSS.

Governor- Gavin Newsom and the Legislature created the California Guaranteed Income Pilot Program to give funds to qualified organizations for the development of pilot projects and programs that offer participants a guaranteed income. Funding pilots have been prioritized by CDSS and they will serve California people and residents. To the ones who are aging or getting older and to pregnant women for foster care.

CDSS Director- Kim Johnson told “We are very excited to launch and declare these amazing pilot projects across California. And I also want to thank the legislature and governor for another great historic investment in the struggle and fight against poverty in California. “These pilots will provide an important chance to study the effects of an economic intervention during significant life transitions, such as the birth of a child or achieving independence after a lengthy period of foster care,” says the report.

CDSS said that the resident of guaranteed income may create an impact on the eligibility for other safety net benefits. The CDSS has executed a process for reviewing the demonstration project income exemption which consists of requests from California cities, counties, and other local municipalities. Seeking to decrease poverty by administering projects and guaranteed income pilots in jurisdictions. 

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