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California Stimulus: You Could Get a Replacement, If You Lost or Threw Away Your Middle-Class Tax Refund

The state of California has now distributed $7,508,156,450 billion in Middle-Class Tax Refunds (MCTR), of which 6,956,431 payments have been made by direct deposit and 6,856,281 have been made via debit cards. However, some Californians have rejected or destroyed debit cards after getting them because they thought they were spam or junk.

According to ABC7, a part of the issue is correctly classifying the debit cards as valid MCTR payments. However, the debit cards are being managed by Money Network, so any cards lost or damaged quickly can be replaced.

To assist eligible MCTR beneficiaries in identifying their debit card payments, the FTB website has designed a page. The envelope that MCTR debit cards arrive in will say, “Not a bill or an advertisement. Important details regarding your tax refund for middle-class taxpayers.” The card itself might or might not include an EMV chip, and the return address on the envelope will be a PO Box in Omaha, NE.

On October 7, the State of California FTB began distributing MCTR payments of up to $1,050 to around 23 million of its qualified people. The $9.5 billion total of the 18 million payments make up the largest relief program in California state history.

California residents who are eligible but have not yet received their MCTR payments will do so soon, whether through direct deposit or a debit card organized through Money Network.

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