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California Police Report: Car thieves steal urn containing remains of the victim’s brother.

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On Tuesday afternoon, car thieves stole into a California woman’s car and took her wallet, backpack, and brother’s urn.

Thieves break into California woman's car, steal urn containing brother's ashes

Thieves broke into a California woman’s car on Tuesday afternoon, stealing her deceased brother’s urn, along with her wallet and backpack. Melanie Niblet was eating lunch with her friends on the Marina in San Leandro when thieves smashed the windows of her car and stole her belongings. (Photo via

When burglars broke into Melanie Niblet’s car and stole her stuff, she was eating lunch with friends on the Marina in San Leandro.

A small city called San Leandro can be found in the East Bay area of California, south of Oakland.

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Niblet frequently took her brother’s urn around with her; she referred to it as her lucky charm. It is a tiny, silver container about the size of a key fob.

Niblet stated to FOX 2 San Francisco on Tuesday, “I just want my urn back.” “I carry it everywhere I go,” I said. “It means nothing to you, but it has a lot of importance to me.”

Thieves break into California woman's car, steal urn containing brother's ashes

East Bay resident Melanie Niblet says her brother’s urn was her “good-luck charm” (Photo via

John Jackson, Niblet’s brother, passed away in February 2019. She demands that the offenders restore her brother’s remains, claiming that the incident has been traumatizing.

Niblet bemoaned, “It’s like he died all over again.” “He’s with me everywhere I go, so I just want the urn back,” she said.

She added, “Forget the wallet and the backpack. “I only want my brother’s urn back; none of those other things matter to me.”

The investigation into the event has been confirmed by the San Leandro Police Department to Fox News Digital.


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