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California Man Attacked A Hot Dog Vendor In San Jose After An Argument

California Man Attacked A Hot Dog Vendor In San Jose After An Argument
Grilled hot dog on a wooden table with yellow mustard and ketchup. (Photo: Getty Images)

Police in California arrested a man who they say attacked a hot dog vendor after a fight last month.

Dioscoro Reyes, who is 33 years old, is accused that he attacked a hot dog vendor, Saul Reconco, in the head on February 16 outside the SAP Center. That night, the Mexican singer Ana Gabriel had a concert at the arena, which is in downtown San Jose.

Witnesses say that Reyes was angry about how long it was taking to get his order, so he asked for free food.

After the fight, Reyes left, but he came back quickly when a female friend got into a fight with the vendor.

Suspect attacked a hot dog vendor for waiting long to get his order

An unnamed witness said, “When the girl and the street vendor were having that fight, the guy came up from behind, gave him a straight left hook, and knocked him out cold on the ground.”

The suspect who attacked a hot dog vendor is said to have then kicked as he attacked the hot dog vendor twice in the head before running away.

“When you see it online, it looks different. But when you see it in person, it’s very different, “the witness kept talking. “Because you just can’t believe that this is true.”

Reconco was taken to a nearby hospital because he had a broken nose, a black eye, and a split lip. Because of the attack, he also had headaches and neck pain.

Reconco and his wife have been selling hot dogs outside the SAP Center for more than 27 years.

The police say that the event was filmed and shared on social media.

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