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California Lawmaker Requests an Examination of the Middle-Class Tax Refunds

A study of the inflation relief program is being demanded after months of problems with California’s Middle-Class Tax Refund payments, according to the chairman of the state’s Joint Legislative Audit Committee.

The Democratic chairman of the committee, Assemblyman David Alvarez, declared he would initiate a state examination of how the Franchise Tax Board handled the payouts first offered to taxpayers in response to increasing inflation and gas prices at the beginning of last year. Alvarez stated that the problems brought up by their people and the FTB’s lack of reaction worry him and other constituents.

Many challenges with the program have been covered in detail by KCRA 3, including worries about fraud, eligible taxpayers not getting their payments, and trouble getting answers from the FTB and Money Network, a debit card provider used to distribute some of the payments.

To make ends meet, many Californians are depending on refunds that were promised to them last year, according to Alvarez. They are also dealing with increased inflation, rising rents, and increased food costs. “I am confident that this audit will bring clarity to FTB’s procedures and efforts to make sure Californians are getting their refunds quickly and securely,” the author says.

A multibillion-dollar program known as the Middle-Class Tax Refund that was authorized by state lawmakers and the governor last year was designed to give payouts to taxpayers depending on family size and income.

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