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California Delivers $8.8 billion In Stimulus Checks; See If You’re Eligible

US Families Face Enormous Difficulties After The End Of The Child Tax Credit

The golden State stimulus I and the golden State stimulus II are the two glorious stimulus programs that California launched in 2021. The first check is valued at $1200 and the second in line is the check valued at $1100, respectively. However, the only way to be eligible for these stimulus checks is to have the total annual income of the resident be below $75000. The resident also must have completed and filed the taxes for the year 2020 before the 15th of October, 2021.

These checks delivered by the state of California were sent out at the beginning of February. Amounting everything, a total of $8.8 billion was delivered in the stimulus checks sent out by California.

Who will be eligible to receive them

Unfortunately, the deadline has passed for those who need to file a state tax return and apply for the ITIN by October 15. Regardless of that, those who still managed to fill the tax return right in the given amount of time will still receive the payments. At the same time, those who already have filed for the amended non-resident state income tax return will be eligible for the rest of the payments.

When will you receive them?

The period of mid-march and mid-April will be the scheduled time to release the checks as they will go out in two rounds. The exact date is yet to come out, as per The Sun US news report.

In this scenario, half of the issued payment is supposed to be delivered by mail, and it will directly deposit the rest of it.

Other ways to get a stimulus check

If somehow you owe the federal government, you can technically claim for the stimulus check for up to $1400, and these are some of the ways this could be a possibility

The family members eligible for the check passed away this year but still couldn’t get the full payment.

Any individual who earned an amount that’s greater than $80,000 in the previous year 2020 but couldn’t hit the same income level in 2021 same goes for couples with the level of income which was greater than $120000 in the previous year but made less in 2021.

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