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California, 4 Other States Increase SNAP Minimum as Emergency Allotments End

Jones stated that he was able to move out of a homeless shelter and into a $650/month studio apartment earlier this month thanks to his SNAP payments or benefits from the pandemic era. (Image courtesy of

Some states are attempting to increase SNAP monthly allotments to match the temporary increases offered as a federal emergency measure now that pandemic Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program payments are ending. 

SNAP, a monthly payment for qualified low-income individuals to utilize for food purchases, was used by almost 41 million people in 2022 alone. Depending on family size and income, the emergency allotments gave families an extra $95 or more monthly. 

The SNAP benefit minimum set by the federal government is $23 per month. Activists and legislators are worried about the impact the elimination of the emergency supplement will have on low-income individuals, particularly in communities of color. 

SNAP benefits returning to pre-COVID amounts in February

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which provides financial assistance to low-income families to prevent food insecurity, may soon reach pre-pandemic levels after almost three years. (Image courtesy of

California SNAP Payouts

A measure sponsored by state Senator Caroline Menjivar (D) would increase the state’s minimum CalFresh payout to $50 by January 2025. 

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In a supplementary budget, Governor Maura Healey (D) has asked for $130 million for benefits to act as a bridge for the more than 630,000 Massachusetts families that depend on the program. 

GoBankingRates (via Yahoo! Finance) said Healey’s administration is recommending an additional allocation equal to 40% of the prior federal benefit during the next three months.

After each chamber approved a separate version of Healey’s budget, the Massachusetts Senate and House are trying to develop a definitive one, according to Telegram & Gazette

New Jersey

Last month, Gov. Phil Murphy (D) signed legislation increasing the state’s minimum payout from $50 to $95 per family per month. The first state to accomplish this is New Jersey. 

West Virginia

West Virginia lawmakers have submitted several SNAP-related measures, one of which would demand that monthly payments for pregnant women and families with children be increased to “at least match” federal emergency quotas.

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