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Burn It Where You Buy It, As Per the New Texas Firewood Law

We all look for methods to stay warm as winter begins to stay in Texas and the Big Country begins to close due to snowy or cold weather. Since I learned from my Boy Scout days to constantly be prepared and gather in advance, I will confess right away that I am the poorest firewood seeker in the entire world.

The truth is that there are new restrictions governing where we can obtain firewood and making sure I would not cross county lines with said fuel are more essential. Once again, I find myself calling around or driving around looking for decent firewood to warm my house during the frost. I might be at home with a pleasant fire and some excellent S’mores if I had followed to the Boy Scout teachings.

Yes, as stated in the above new Texas State laws, firewood from these 6 counties cannot be transported to other parts of Texas since they are under isolation because of the deadly invasive emerald ash borer. Bowie, Cass, Denton, Harrison, Marion, and Tarrant are the 6 counties.

However, there are specific regulations in place for Taylor County and Abilene. The Texas exotic imported red fire ant has closed down another 192 counties, and the Texas Department of Agriculture has banned the transfer of firewood into or out of such counties. The invasive Mexican soapberry borer, which has recently been found in 50 more Texas counties, is another invasive pest that Texas officials regularly watch.