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British Tanks Headed to Aid in Ukraine: Warning from Vladimir Putin to West “Will Burn Like the Rest”

After Britain declared this week that it would give Ukraine a “squadron” of tanks to aid in the current conflict, Russia delivered a scary threat to the West, has discovered.

Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesman, issued the shocking statement on Monday, shortly after British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced that the West was prepared to send a squadron of Challenger 2 tanks to “speed up Ukrainian success” against Russia.

“In front of the House of Commons on Monday, Wallace declared, “Today, I can offer the most important package of fighting power to advance Ukrainian success to date. “This contains a squadron of armored recovery and repair vehicles equipped with Challenge 2 tanks.”

Defense Secretary Wallace said, “President Putin cannot succeed, but he is equally confident that he can continue to impose this brutal violence and human suffering until his soldiers are removed from the nation and removed from their defensive positions.

Wallace’s comments were soon followed by Peskov’s warning that the Challenger 2 tanks being transferred from Britain to Ukraine will “burn like the rest.”

“According to the Kremlin spokesperson, they are utilizing (Ukraine) as a vehicle to advance their anti-Russian aims. These tanks are on fire and will continue to burn like the others.”

Peskov also suggested that providing supplies to the war-torn country will only result in “additional issues” and that “countries like Britain and Poland” are unable to “change” the current conflict in Ukraine.

A pro-Kremlin presenter and close supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Solovyev, also spoke out against the West’s support for Ukraine. He also stated that if they continued to contribute weapons and supplies, these countries would turn into “legitimate targets” for Russia.

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