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Breaking News: Wisconsin Court System’s Computer Network Hacked by Cybercriminals

Breaking News: Wisconsin Court System's Computer Network Hacked by Cybercriminals
According to court officials, hackers have targeted the computer network of the Wisconsin court system. (Photo:

Chief Justice Annette Ziegler of the Wisconsin Supreme Court asserts that there was no result in the loss of any information when a hacker compromised a computer network.

Breaking News: Wisconsin Court System's Computer Network Hacked by Cybercriminals

This illustrative shot was taken on August 17, 2021 in Krakow, Poland. It depicts a person costumed as an online hacker with binary code shown on the screen of a laptop. (Picture: Getty Images)

In the statements made by officials from the Wisconsin court system on Thursday, a hacker compromised computer network.

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In a statement released by court officials, a cyberattack was launched in the early part of this week. Based on the officials from the court, users of the network may have encountered service interruptions or response times that were significantly longer than typical from online services.

Tom Sheehan, a spokesperson for the courts, responded in an email that he did not have any additional information when asked when exactly the hacker compromised computer network and if it is still happening.

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The notification, attorneys or self-represented litigants who may face trouble electronically filing documents should contact the clerk of court in their respective counties. This indicates that the hacker compromised computer network and is still ongoing as of Thursday afternoon.

In the statement, Director of State Courts Randy Koschnick noted that the court system has adopted successful countermeasures, but he did not clarify further.

According to the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, Annette Ziegler, who was quoted in the statement, the incident did not lead to the compromise of any data, and court activities are proceeding as usual across the state.

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