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Boosted $914 Social Security Check Will Be Sent This Month, Here’s What You Should Know

Social Security Check
Boosted Social Security Check will be released this month. (Photo: MARCA)

By the end of the month, recipients of Supplemental Security Income will receive their second payment for the month of December. The final payment for the year will be somewhat larger than the others.

Social Security Check

Boosted Social Security Check will be released this month. (Photo: MARCA)

$914 Social Security Check

According to the Social Security Administration, eligible claimants will get their second payment of $914 on December 30 for a total of $1,755 for the month. Due in part to the growing annual cost-of-living increases to keep up with inflation, the second installment of December’s payments, which was originally scheduled to be $814, is greater than the first installment.

The Social Security Administration states that the $914 additional payment will be made every month of 2023. One of three months of the year when recipients of Supplemental Security Income receive two payments is December. April and September were the other months with two installments this year.

In order to guarantee that eligible recipients receive 12 payments annually in accordance with the schedule, the double payments balance the months in which no payments are made. January, May, and October are some of these months, according to an article published in Washington Examiner.

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Couples that qualify will get two payments totaling $1,261 for the month of December but in 2023, the sum will rise to $1,371. A $421 first payment and a $458 second payment will be sent on the same days to essential individuals or those who reside with a recipient of Supplemental Security Income and provide necessary care.

In order to ensure that beneficiaries get their monthly SSI benefits on the first of the month, the Social Security Administration issues the checks on the business day preceding weekends and holidays. One of these months is December since January 1, 2023, falls on a weekend and is a holiday.

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