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Book told, Biden is skeptical of claims, one of his Secret Service Agents was bitten by his dog and doesn’t fully trust that agent

Based on a new book, President Joe Biden has mistrust for the Secret Service because of how some agents handled the Capitol riot and the tale of one agent getting bit by his dog.

According to Chris Whipple, the author of “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House,” Biden avoided being open with agents because of how some of them reacted to the events of January 6, 2021.

According to portions from the book reported in a report by The Independent, he was concerned that there was an excessive amount of support for former President Donald Trump within the agency.

Whipple also claimed the unexplained removal of riot-related text messages from agents’ phones as justification for Biden’s apparent mistrust.

The organization stated, there was no hatred hidden behind the deletion of the texts.

Whipple stated the accusation that members of the previous Trump detail had encouraged the incident also had an impact on Biden.

He said that specifics of an allegation of an agent getting bit by Biden’s dog, Major, caused Biden’s trust to fall even more. Biden believed some of the accounts were false, according to the book.

In March 2021, Major bit somebody, and the Secret Service confirmed it was an agent, according to the White House. Although Biden did not reject that it took place, the book claims that he “wasn’t buying the facts.”