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Bipartisan Lawmakers Group Demands IRS’s Answer On Taxpayers’ Problems

The IRS Commissioner has received letters by Bipartisan lawmakers asking the official to respond on certain taxpayer-related matters. There are numerous concerns that taxpayers are facing with new rules established by the IRS that need attention. The group is actively demanding  for answers on some major issues revolving around penalty relief and automated notices. Let us learn what more is happening in this matter.

The concern of the lawmakers’ group

The main concern of the Bipartisan lawmakers committee is the lack of planning by the IRS to handle the situation. They believe that the IRS might not have yet established well-thought solutions to numerous issues affecting taxpayers. And, it is something to be paid attention to by officials as the filing season is ongoing.

What are the issues taxpayers’ facing?

A few main issues that taxpayers have are as follows:

  • No clarity on what notices the IRS will unilaterally suspend.
  • Need of proper information on which notices law will issue under the specific timeframe.
  • Clear answers on why the IRS has still not suspended a few other issues.
  • Taxpayers need an elaborated explanation of the penalty abatement process. Also, the same query concerns  those who have their relief fund provided in 2020 and 2021.

As per CNBC, these are the main issues that taxpayers are facing among the others. The letters were also sent due to the IRS’s decision to hire up to 10,000 workers.

Support for the letters

Since the start of tax season, congress members, AICPA, and other representatives of taxpayers have been seeking a response from IRS. They have been requesting the IRS to come up with significant solutions for possible challenges that might come this tax season.

The letters by the Bipartisan Lawmakers group are getting support from various associations. Some of them include the National Association Of Enrolled Agents, Association Of International Certified Professional Accountants, National Association Of Tax Professionals, Padgett Business Services, and many others.

As the tax season is currently ongoing, associations are hoping that the IRS will take appropriate actions to ease out the problems that taxpayers are facing.

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