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Biden’s Proposed 2024 Budget: Child Tax Credit Extension

Biden’s Proposed 2024 Budget: Child Tax Credit Extension
The child tax credit extension has always been supported by President Joe Biden, and last week when he unveiled his plan for year 2024 budget, he reiterated that support. (Photo by Getty Images)

The Child Tax Credit Extension has always been supported by President Joe Biden, and last week when he unveiled his plan for year 2024 budget, he reiterated that support.

As part of the family policies in his budget, which was announced this week, President Biden has asked for the renewal of improved child tax credit payments for parents.


Biden rolls out budget plan with deficit cuts, tax hikes

The Obama is making a larger effort to criticize House Republicans who want to raise the federal government’s legal borrowing limit in exchange for drastic expenditure cuts. Nevertheless, the Republicans has not yet made a counteroffer, other than a flat “no” to a Biden plan that would raise taxes on the affluent and may serve as the foundation of Biden’s yet-to-be-announced bid for reelection in 2024. (Photo by


The idea involves making the child tax credit completely refundable in addition to renewing the enhanced child tax credit. Hence, even if a person’s tax due is lower than the credit amount, they would still be eligible for the credit.

The idea also suggests allocating the funds in a manner similar to that of the American Rescue Plan, in addition to renewing the CTC. Families would receive the money in the form of monthly payments if the idea is adopted, and the remaining amount would be given to them when they filed their taxes.


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President Joe Biden advocated for the expanded child tax credit to be renewed at the same level as it was under the American Rescue Plan 2021 in his proposed 2024 budget. President Biden proposes to increase the maximum child credit from its current level of $2,000 per kid to $3,000 per child between the ages of 6 and 17.


'Should Be a No-Brainer': Biden Pushed to Back Long-Term Child Tax Credit Extension

Rosa DeLauro, the chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee, called President Joe Biden’s suggestion that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s (ARRA) enhanced child tax credit (CTC) be extended for just one year at discussions with congressional Democrats this week “a terrible mistake” (D-Conn.). (Photo by Stock/Getty Images)


Several initiatives geared on assisting families are included in President Joe Biden’s proposed 2024 budget.

This includes one significant provision, the restoration of the increased child tax credit, which the American Rescue Plan temporarily granted eligible parents up to $3,600 per child for 2021.


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According to Biden’s proposal, the existing maximum child credit would be increased from $2,000 per child to $3,600 for children under the age of six or $3,000 for children over six.

The child tax credit would also be permanently made entirely refundable, making people eligible even if their tax due was less than the credit’s value.


Could the Child Tax Credit Come Back? If the 2024 Budget Passes, It Might

The tax credit would increase from $2,000 per child to $3,000 per child for those who are six years old or older and to $3,600 per child for those who are younger than six under the Biden administration’s budget proposal, which was unveiled on March 9. The credit would also be permanently changed in the budget so that it is entirely refundable. This would prevent the exclusion of children from low-income families and enable families to receive monthly advance payments. (Photo by


In a budget speech on Thursday, President Biden claimed that the expanded child tax credit, which now includes monthly payments of up to $300 per child, had contributed to the lowest level of poverty in American history, which has been cut in half.

Anna Aurilio, Federal Campaign Director at advocacy group Economic Security Project Action, stated, “We were particularly thrilled to see that the White House is redoubling its efforts to support this direct cash distribution initiative.


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Several policy recommendations in the president’s budget that would support both people and families would go along with the decision to enlarge the credit.

To keep low-paid workers out of poverty, the earned income tax credit would be permanently increased for childless workers.


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The plan stipulates that all employees will receive seven paid sick days in addition to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave. Additionally, it strives to increase access to free preschool and reasonably priced childcare.

Also, the budget proposes to increase Medicaid home and community-based services, enabling older and handicapped people to remain in their own homes and relieving family caregivers and in-home care providers.

On Thursday, Biden said of the 2024 budget, “It’s going to help millions of parents go to work, knowing their children are taken care of.


What's in Biden's Budget Request?

The idea would result in the highest personal income tax rate since 1986. Notwithstanding his assurances that he wouldn’t raise taxes for anyone earning less than $400,000, the Inflation Reduction Act he helped pass through the Democratic House resulted in tax increases for everyone in every tax band. This budget demonstrates that he is not yet finished; if the President has his way, there will be more increases in family taxes. (Photo by


It’s true that it might be challenging to pass the plans through Congress, particularly the effort to extend the enhanced tax credit.

Biden wants to reduce deficits by approximately $3 trillion over the course of ten years with the budget.

According to a Tax Foundation research, it would cost more than $429 billion over ten years to increase the child tax credit for three years, add a monthly payment option, and make it permanently 100% refundable. It would cost around $156 billion to expand the earned income tax credit for those without qualifying children.


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But, according to other studies, government expenditure might even be beneficial.

According to the Institute on Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University, every dollar spent on the child tax credit would have a $10 positive impact on society.

That is because inflation has driven up the cost of necessities to levels not seen in decades.

While some claim that stimulus measures like a larger child tax credit will increase inflation, other experts dispute it.


Biden says he’ll meet with McCarthy ‘anytime’ on budget

The White House 2024 budget suggests raising the tax rate on corporations and millionaires as well as funding Medicare to ensure that it will be solvent for at least 25 years. Additionally, it requests funding for a wish list of initiatives, including national paid leave, the restoration of the Child Tax Credit, and making Affordable Care Act tax credits permanent. (Photo by


More than 200 economists argued in an open letter to Congressional leaders in December that extending the child tax credit until 2021 would help low- and middle-income families manage rising costs and help foster greater economic health.

They argued that one of the simplest, most straightforward, and effective instruments currently available to us for assisting families in coping with the effects of inflation on family budgets is the extension of the enhanced child tax credit.

Yet according to Aurilio, passing new legislation won’t be simple. K Street is working hard to fight for the reinstatement of corporate tax advantages.


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She added, “We’ve been saying all along that shouldn’t happen unless Congress also relieves families and employees by expanding the CTC and EITC.

Some leaders, such as Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, have spearheaded efforts for a more streamlined universal child benefit while some Democratic leaders have defended the idea.


Biden administration wants to permanently extend Child Tax Credit expansion past the end of 2021

According to President Joe Biden, the Child Tax Credit expansion has the potential to lower child poverty in America, and he urged Congress to extend it through its December expiration date. (Photo by


In an interview from last year, Romney stated, “I think the biggest challenge for Republicans or Democrats would be how you’re going to pay for it. “And my own opinion is that one, by reducing how big the program is,” she continued.


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Romney also advocated for the potential repurposing of money from other programs, such as the child tax credit.


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