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Best Locations to be During Nuclear Attack Have Been Uncovered by Recent Study

One of the worse possible results someone can think of is being trapped in a nuclear explosion. Being too close to the radiation causes anything in its direction to quickly evaporate, making it a serious health concern even at a distance.

Moving from “ground zero,” the blast wave created by the explosion offers another danger since it can produce airspeeds strong enough to pull individuals into the air and cause catastrophic harm.

The only truly safe location during a nuclear explosion is ultimately as far away from the blast site as is practical. But for the most, this would always remain a pipe dream.

When the sirens go off, there is typically little time and little choice.

Surviving from Nuclear Attack

According to common thinking, your best chance of surviving may lie in finding shelter underground or in a strong structure. But is this the case? To guess, we need to conduct considerable testing.

There won’t be much comfort for individuals if the terrible occurs. However, the University of Nicosia academics may have produced the first technical analysis verifying the validity of this common thinking.

The researchers examined how an atomic bomb explosion from a conventional intercontinental ballistic missile and the following blast wave may affect people seeking shelter in an underground bunker in a recent study that was published in Physics of Fluids.

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