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Benefits of Not Rinsing with Water, After Brushing Your Teeth

You should stop an old practice of rinsing your teeth with water after brushing and begin right away. To get rid of any toothpaste residue still in my mouth, I used to rinse after brushing my teeth and even go over them again with a wet toothbrush. However, I later learned through a dentist’s TikTok video that this technique isn’t the most efficient one.

To give the toothpaste a little more time to work, I now spit out as much toothpaste as I can without rinsing it off with water. But until I talked to an expert, I wasn’t sure why I was doing this or what the advantages were.

I spoke with Dr. Edmond Hewlett, professor at the UCLA School of Dentistry and consumer advisor for the American Dental Association, to learn why you shouldn’t wash your mouth with water after cleaning your teeth. Here is the solution. Here are a few additional reasons to brush before cleaning your teeth.

Why it’s essential to skip water rinse after brushing your teeth

Fluoride is a key ingredient of toothpaste that helps to strengthen the enamel and increase its barrier to the acids that cause cavities. Make sure your toothpaste has fluoride because, according to Hewlett, it is the ingredient with the best track record for effectiveness.

What if you’ve always rinsed your mouth/teeth?

If you’re just discovering this advice, you could feel as if all your hard daily brushing has been for nothing. However, that is untrue. Hewlett claims that the fluoride will stay in your mouth to help protect your teeth as long as you brush as recommended, twice daily for 2 minutes each time.

You continue to take the necessary steps to maintain proper oral hygiene and safeguard your teeth. The concept of skipping rinsing is simply an additional step to increase the effectiveness of fluoride.

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