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Being Financially Healthy Can Improve Lives, Expert Says

(Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels)

People frequently examine their spending habits at the start of the year, attempt to define their financial objectives, and create savings strategies to help them accomplish those objectives. However, financial wellness is more than just a matter of money. The state of financial health is a significant component of overall well-being.

Financial Health

According to Financial Expert, Liz Frazier of Forbes, Financial health involves how one’s economic and financial resources affect one’s state of physical, mental, and social well-being.

Frazier stated that when it comes to financial resources, there are several factors to consider, including the quantity of savings, how much money people have set up for retirement, their debt-to-income ratio, their potential to make money, and how much of their discretionary income they spend.

Financial health is determined by the combination of these resources, and the state of financial health has a direct impact on every aspect of the overall well-being.

As the report stated, financial well-being can significantly improve one’s quality of life and help to avoid financial difficulties. Financial well-being indicates that people have the ability to achieve their goals, take advantage of opportunities, and have the freedom to pursue their ambitions and dreams. Achieving financial wellness is only possible through the application of financial literacy.

Financial Literacy

Hands-on experience is a fantastic approach to improve one’s financial literacy and understanding. It is an excellent method to teach the children to think about financial responsibility by establishing a learning project at home.

According to Yahoo! Finance, one method of accomplishing this is by encouraging kids to create a monthly budget for their spending money and assisting them in opening a savings account into which they may deposit a small amount of their earnings.

This can provide a fundamental perspective on sound money management strategies. When kids learn to save, they will have a greater understanding of how enjoyable it can be to watch their money grow as a result of their efforts.

As per the report, a tangible reward for them to strive for can be provided by putting their funds toward a large-ticket item they never dreamed they’d be able to afford on their own.

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