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Beijing Criticizes Taiwanese President’s Visit to the U.S.

Taiwanese leader
Beijung criticizes Taiwanese leader to the U.S. (Photo: TRT World)

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen arrived in New York on March 23, on a trip that has prompted condemnation from Beijing.

Taiwanese leader

Beijung criticizes Taiwanese leader to the U.S. (Photo: TRT World)

Taiwan President Arrives in New York

Tsai said in New York that Taiwan’s relationship with the United States had “never been closer” and that the island is stronger when it stands together in solidarity with fellow democracies. Taiwan cannot be isolated, she added.

China claims Taiwan as its own territory, despite never having controlled it, and has warned that Tsai’s visit could lead to a serious confrontation between China and the US. Tsai’s trip is planned to include two stopovers in the US on either side of an official visit to Central America, according to a report in CNN News.

Reports suggest she may meet with U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. However, Taiwan has not confirmed the meeting or provided details of her itinerary while in the US.

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Taiwan’s Relationship With China

Taiwan’s relationship with China has become increasingly fraught in recent years. Beijing has increased diplomatic, economic, and military pressure on democracy, and under leader Xi Jinping, has vowed to take the island by force if necessary.

In a published report in The Wall Street Journal, Taiwan’s frayed relationship with China has intensified as the U.S. has sought closer ties with Taiwan. Beijing views these ties as a violation of the “One China” policy, under which the US acknowledges China’s position that Taiwan is part of China but does not officially recognize Beijing’s claim to the island.

Taiwan is not recognized by the UN and is instead represented by China. The US has downplayed Tsai’s stopovers, calling them unofficial and private, and urged Beijing not to use them as an excuse to carry out “aggressive or coercive activities” aimed at Taiwan.

Beijing Critizes Tsai’s Trip to the U.S.

Tsai’s trip to the US has been met with strong criticism from Beijing. China’s charge d’affaires, Xu Xueyuan, warned that the US should bear all consequences for what she called a serious undermining of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

China has vowed to resolutely fight back against any meeting between Tsai and McCarthy. The US is bound by law to sell arms to Taiwan for its self-defense, although it ended its formal diplomatic relationship with Taipei in 1979 when it recognized the government in Beijing.

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