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Batman HBO Max: All you need to know about the film

Batman HBO Max

We have another blockbuster movie we need to know more about—the creation of Christopher Nolan, who has served us with spectacular films throughout his lifetime. The list of films includes Inception and Interstellar. Batman: The Dark Knight and many others. We have seen masterpieces when it comes to the creation of Christopher Nolan, and now again, we are faced with another one that he put his mind into. The audience has high expectations from the new Batman movie, with a loaded star cast and a brand new Batman; the film was released in the theatres on March 4 2022. All the details you know about the Batman movie:


What is the release date of Batman HBO Max?

Batman HBO Max Release Date

The release date of Batman was on March 4 2022. The worldwide fans of the most famous DC superhero awaited the brand new Batman movie, and their wait was finally over on March 4. The film was premiered in the Lincoln Center before the theatrical release, where the star cast was also present to greet the fans. The Batman movie was handed over to the fans on March 4, 2022. The film was a big hit and surpassed records for opening big in the theatrical release. The new Batman movie is fourth among the highest grossing films in 2022. The characters of the new Batman movie were shuffled, and a completely new star cast was hired to do justice to the roles. 


What is the cast of Batman?

Batman HBO Max Cast

The star-studded cast of the newest Batman movie makes it a more appealing watch. The star cast has created a frenzy among the fans. The most famous faces can be seen on screen playing the iconic roles from the DC Extended Universe franchise. Earlier, actor Ben Affleck was offered the part of Batman, but later on, Robert Pattinson, also known to have played the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, was cast as Bruce Wayne or, as we call him, The Batman. Zoe Kravitz was cast alongside Robert Pattinson to play the role of Catwoman. Jeffery Wright played Lieutenant James Gordon. Other actors also played iconic roles in the new Batman movie and took it to the heights of becoming a fantastic movie.


What was the budget for Batman?

The cost of making such an iconic movie must have been a lot, and you’re right. It took $185 million to produce the newest movie of the DC Extended Universe franchise. The extravagant star cast and the action-thriller sequences have raised the film’s budget to a whopping $185 million. The box office earnings and the love that the audience showered upon the film were four times more than the actual budget of the film. The Batman movie, released in 2022, earned $742 million upon its theatrical release. The creators must be applauded for their sheer dedication in making a film of such a hefty amount and gaining it all back multiplied by four. 


What are the ratings of Batman on IMDB?

Batman HBO Max IMDB

The new batman movie received over five hundred thousand responses on IMDB and grabbed a rating of 7.9 out of 10. The film has the plot that the Gotham City Mayor is killed by a masked psychopath named himself the Riddler. This character is played by the actor Paul Dano, and this is where the story of Batman begins. Bruce Wayne, who is the leading entrepreneur in Gotham City, is the face behind Batman. Only a handful of people know about this secret, and Batman works to eradicate the criminal minds that reside in Gotham City. Bruce Wayne turns into Batman at night and takes down criminals around the city. Batman is the protector of Gotham City, and the movie does justice to the character of Batman from the DC Extended Universe. 

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