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Awful and Horrible Experience with The Homeowners Association (HOA) in The Santa Clarita Valley!

As human beings when we move into a new neighbourhood, homeowners association and a new place, what is that we look for in that particular property? Well, it depends on people, as many people have different preferences and choices.

But the most common things to look for and to consider are if there are any good schools nearby or how the neighbours are going to be and so on. Some people might consider the area also, that it is walkable and open for proper ventilation. Also, a few people also consider a yard and a garden in their house, because below, we will talk about a yard story with the HOAs. 

And if you are from the United States, you will definitely look for a homeowners association nearby your property. The association basically creates and organizes rules for the neighbourhood. All the HOAs can make rules and regulations about anything even silly things like they can also decide the grass length and decorations of your home.

It is compulsory for people to follow all the rules organised by HOA, otherwise, you have to submit a fine, if rules are not being followed and are broken. And people submitted fine and bad experiences too. Here are a few horrible and bad experiences shared by people.

The HOA of My Parents is Very Strict and We Had an Awful Experience with HOA

This story is about the decorations when Christmas is nearby. And Christmas is nothing without decorations and lighting. But the HOAs of my parents’ house are very strict and they can’t let us decorate for Christmas. They didn’t allow us the holiday decorations for almost a week in January.

Therefore, this story turns horrible when my mom slipped off the ladder while decorating the house, and broke her ankle very badly. And we don’t know how HOAs found out and later, we receive a letter with a fine threat. That was the worst Christmas experience me and my parents ever had. With a broken ankle of my mom’s, we submitted a fine too.

But Later They Decided To Migrate in the Summers

But later, after some days, in summer, my parents and a few of their neighbours decided to decorate again without worrying about the HOAs. Because holidays and festivals are nothing without decorations so, they decided to do them without being afraid of HOAs.

And that day, they got some flamingos and lights. In the yard, they planted the flamingos and lights very well, it looked so beautiful and satisfying. And very fearlessly they decided, that, whenever the letter is delivered by the HOAs, they will change and migrate to another yard. And that is a better option than submitting a fine again, in my opinion. But before migrating, they kept the decorations and flamingos for more than half a month or so. 

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