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Authorities in Louisiana Reported- Certain SNAP Benefits have been Compromised and are Being Misused in Texas

In Louisiana, on 21 November 2022 Sabine Parish Sheriff Aaron Mitchell reported that many residents and recipients in sabine parish have compromised on their SNAP benefits, based on the reports from DCFS- Department of Child and Family Services in Louisiana.

In Texas, according to authorities, it meant that the SNAP benefits of some residents and local victims were used at the grocery stores in the state. In Texas, officials and police departments have confirmed many complaints about the misuse and exploitation of victims’ benefits. The detectives of Sabine Parish Sheriff are gathering evidence/proof and still investigating these cases.

Sheriff Mitchell advised the recipients and residents to verification of their accounts. And if you find out that benefits are missing and you didn’t authorize, then immediately notify DCFS and the enforcement department of your local law. Recipients are also advised on their SNAP benefits information, to keep private, and not to share their PIN or card number with anyone.

EBT Card Fraud

EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer, it is a method of delivering electronic government benefits. recipients and residents of public assistance have the LAP- Louisiana Purchase automated benefit card, rather than food stamp coupons and checks. EBT fraud investigations are handled by the Office of Family Support in collaboration with federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations.