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Authorities Find the Decomposing and Headless Body of a Missing Boy from a Field in Meerut

Missing boy
Body of the missing boy was found headless and started to decompose. (Photo Free Journal)

Police said on Tuesday that the missing 3-year-old boy was found near his residence in east Delhi’s Preet Vihar area in India but was headless and his body started to decompose.

Missing boy

Body of the missing boy was found headless and started to decompose. (Photo Free Journal)

Missing Boy’s Body Was Found Headless

The decomposing and headless body of a boy was found in a field in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Tuesday morning. police authorities believed that the body was either chopped or severely mutilated by animals. according to a report published in International Business Times.

It was found during the investigation that the family of the suspect is 16 years old, according to the family. However, when authorities searched the house, they found a document that would prove that the suspect is 18 years old. Legal action is already taken to address the falsification.

It is believed that the suspect kidnapped the minor to sexually abuse him. However, a senior official said that only the postmortem examination report will determine if the victim was sexually assaulted.

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Deputy Commissioner of Police Released a Statement

Deputy Commissioner of Police Amrutha Guguloth said, “A police team was sent to the Jagatpuri residence and the accused was taken into custody. On sustained interrogation, the accused revealed that he left the child in a sugarcane field at Meerut. Thereafter, a team was sent to Meerut where it came to notice that local police have already discovered a body without head and limb.”

He also added, “The head was also found nearby. On the basis of the belongings and clothes, the body was identified to be that of the missing child from Preet Vihar area. The accused has been arrested and further investigation in the case is on.”

The members of the victim’s family reported the kidnapping incident on Nov. 30 after the boy and his neighbor both went missing from the slum cluster of Chitra Vihar the same day.

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