July 15, 2019
  • 11:30 am Cartoon: Vaping
  • 7:30 am Workers’ rights attorney Kipp Mueller launches campaign for State Senate
  • 10:00 am College of the Canyons professor Warren Heaton to challenge Sen. Scott Wilk
  • 10:00 am Military veteran Chris Werthe kicks off Santa Clarita City Council campaign
  • 2:15 pm Assemblymember Christy Smith secures $6.5 million from state budget for local projects
Photo courtesy of Piccola Trattoria.

In the Santa Clarita Valley, our eating options continue to proliferate nearly as fast as the new housing developments; and our own food journalism grows along with it.


Try to remember, if you can, what an average night out on the town looked like in Santa Clarita ten years ago.

Photo by Elias Tahan courtesy of 98 Degrees.

If you can forget bopping along to the end credits of Mulan, over which the massive hit “True to Your Heart” first played, then your heart has probably grown cold.

Photo courtesy of Abby Leishman. Lincoln Hoppe, The Society's co-director, is pictured on the right in orange.

On a balmy night this past September, the comedy troupe known as The Society found itself facing off against half a dozen drunken hecklers. Kirby Heyborne, the co-director and co-founder, opened with his customary introduction, but was cut off when an audience member yelled “Wooo!” partway through. Never one to lose the moment, Heyborne deadpanned […]

Garry Peterson, center, walks with his bandmates in The Guess Who's promotional photo. Photo courtesy of Garry Peterson.

Garry Peterson is totally safe. When he tells me this early in our conversation, I sigh with relief: Peterson lives in North Carolina, where Hurricane Florence has carved its treacherous path over the last two weeks. We had never met, but I was still worried about him.

Photo courtesy of Sinbad.

As he bounded onto center stage at The Canyon Santa Clarita on Saturday, trombone in hand and goatee meticulously manicured, the comedian and erstwhile film star known as Sinbad found himself caught in a flurry of goodwill. Much of that was due to the revelry kicked up by his righteous opening act, Sheree Dunn and […]


Bad things happen to good people, they say, but I would amend that to include good restaurants, too. For long-time residents of Santa Clarita, the tale is as old as the city itself: whenever a particularly impressive new eatery makes its home here, adventurous customers proclaim its merits just before the rent goes up and […]

A box is stuffed with assorted donuts.

In a world where freedom from gluten is a choice and butter can be substituted with coconut extract, the donut has lost much of its stock as the working person’s treat. Locally-sourced, herbaceous gelato and Postmated cake pops have seemingly pushed the simple pleasures of a fresh-baked glazed out of the collective diet, and for […]