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Attorney of Spring Woman Whose Adopted Son Was Found Dead In A Washing Machine Requests a Lower Bond

Spring woman
Attorney of Spring woman requested the court to lower her bond. (Photo: KHOU11)

The attorney of a Spring woman, Tiffany Thomas, whose adopted son was found dead in a washing machine requested the court to lower the bond.

Spring woman

Attorney of Spring woman requested the court to lower her bond. (Photo: KHOU11)

Adopted Son’s Body Found Dead In A Washing Machine

A court document revealed that the boy’s adoptive father, Jermaine Thomas, intentionally caused the death of the 7-year-old boy. He submerged the boy’s nose and mouth underwater and hit him with an unknown object. Additionally, the adoptive mother intentionally caused bodily injury to their adopted son.

When the deputies arrived at their home, they found the boy inside a washing machine. His arms and legs were warm but his body was cold when they pulled him from the washing machine. The deputies also noticed that the 7-year-old boy had bruises, blood around his nose, and a large bump on his forehead over the right eye.

They also added that the boy’s clothing smelled like urine which comes from his body. Upon pulling his pants to his knees, they discovered a lot of bruises on his upper legs, according to a report published in KHOU 11.

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Attorney of the Adoptive Mother Requested To Lower the Bond

Attorney of Tiffany Thomas was in court on Tuesday morning where her lawyer requested to lower her bond. In a statement, her lawyer said that their request was denied and that Tiffany will stay in jail for $150,000 bond. Meanwhile, there is no report if the adoptive father requested the same.

It was also found that the adoptive parents have deep hatred for their adoptive son which led them to kill the 7-year-old boy. It was discovered when the investigators checked their message thread. There were threats already to kill the boy before the tragic event happened.

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