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Athena Strand’s Mother Claims: FedEx Man Accused her 7-Year-Old Daughter’s Death Delivered her Christmas Present Before Kidnapping Her


Athena Strand, 7, received Barbie dolls for Christmas from the FedEx driver who is charged with abducting and murdering her, according to her mother, who spoke out on Thursday.

At a press conference, Maitlyn Gandy demanded stronger screening procedures for delivery drivers.

The box of Barbie dolls with the slogan “You can be anything” sat next to her on a drafting table. She claimed, it was the first time she had ever seen the gift.

Gandy said while crying, “Athena has stolen the chance to be anything she wanted to be.” “A guy that everyone was expected to be able to trust to perform just one basic task — give a Christmas present and go — robbed me of witnessing her grow up.”

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On November 30, Athena vanished from the driveway of her Wise County, Texas, home. Her body was found Friday night after a countywide search, according to Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin. Her reason for death is still being looked at, but authorities believe she was murdered an hour after her kidnapping, Akin told on Friday.

Tanner Lynn Horner, 31, has been named as the suspect and is a FedEx contract driver, according to the authorities, Akin stated. When Athena vanished, he brought a gift to her father’s house, according to the police.

Based on the jail’s website, Horner is being jailed in the Wise County jail on accusations of kidnapping and murder. According to Akin, a $1.5 million bond was imposed. CNN has made numerous unsuccessful attempts to track legal advice for Horner.