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As Trump Announces his Bid- Donald Trump’s Chances of Victory for 2024 Election

Donald Trump, the former President, is running for another official presidential election. For Trump to win the 2024 presidential election, the betting sites are expecting a win for the former President. But in the United States, it is illegal to bet on political websites and elections. To win the next presidential election for Trump, the European website ‘’ shows a 25% chance of winning. In comparison to president Joe Biden, his chances are shown by 18.2%.

After much assuming and guessing about trump, whether he would make a third bid for the White House or not. On Tuesday, Trump made his announcement regarding the Republican nomination for the year 2024. On election day in the evening, Trump declares that he will wait till 15 November for the launch of his 2024 campaign.

Last year, Trump has been teased for the 2024 run when he is leaving office. He has dropped hints about seeking the GOP nomination and this year, a successful endorsement record. During an Iowa rally on 3 November, Trump stated, ”I ran twice and I won twice, and the second time, I did much better than the first time, got millions more votes in 2020 than I received in compared to 2016. And now to make our country more glorious, successful, and safe for every citizen, I will probably do it again.”

However, there has not been a formal announcement made till this week. The ego of trump is badly damaged in 2022 by the loss to Joe Biden, said Jay Townsend (Republican strategist). According to Trump’s mind, the only way to feed his ego is to win again against Biden, so that he can take his revenge and prove them wrong who didn’t support him. Many have expected that Trump will announce after the 8 November midterms, so he could defeat the DOJ (Department of Justice).

Two years ago, since leaving his office, Trump continued with the significant influence of the GOP and its base. According to the results of the midterms, Trump’s support may work out for GOP candidates on the general ballot. Last week, a lot of picks from Trump failed to win races, causing to shift the GOP away from Trump. As many citizens across the country blamed him for the party’s dull performances.

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