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As per Treasury Department, Medicare’s long-term fiscal outlook has improved slightly but Social Security’s has slightly worsened

By 2034, or 1 year sooner than estimated the previous year, Social Security can continue to pay up its full payments for at least additional ten years. According to the Biden administration’s most recent analysis of the plan’s finances, if Congress fails to behave to maintain the program’s sustainability beyond that point, Individuals will experience a significant reduction in their payouts.

The hospital insurance trust fund for Medicare would be capable of covering all claims till 2031, which is 3 years later than planned in 2017. The minimal improvement is a result of health care expenses being less than estimated.

Republicans claim they are still not planning to reduce Medicare or Social Security, but the Biden administration has criticized GOP approval for ideas like increasing the qualifying age for the benefits, which Democrats view as a reduction.

Republicans would never agree to Biden’s suggestion to increase Medicare’s lifespan by a minimum of 25 years by raising taxes on Individuals with higher incomes. The administration has also come under criticism from GOP lawmakers about not suggesting the same solution for Social Security.

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