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As Per Meta, Trump’s Criticism of 2020 Election Results Won’t Lead in Punishment- However, 2024 Election Will Be Different

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Trump was writing about alleged election fraud in the 2020 election using his own Truth Social application, 9 minutes after Meta stated that it would let him return to its platforms.

Nothing out of the ordinary for Trump. Since being banned from Meta’s platforms, Trump has authored more than 200 postings that include “harmful election-related misinformation,” according to a study by the watchdog group Accountable Tech that was released previously this month.

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Trump is now, however, Meta’s issue once more. Unexpectedly, the social media giant said on Wednesday that Trump will be allowed back on Facebook and Instagram, which will surely lead to some difficult content management decisions in the coming weeks, months, and years.

These decisions about content moderation will surely generate some controversy.

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For example, a Meta spokesman claimed that Trump will be able to criticize the outcomes of the 2020 election without the organization taking any action against him.

The social media giant would consider action, the spokesperson claimed, if Trump were to cast doubt on a coming election, such as the 2024 presidential contest. In some circumstances, Meta may block the usage of advertising tools or restrict the distribution of offensive posts.