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As Per Eric Adams, NYC can’t Satisfy the ‘Cultural Taste’ of Immigrants in Food

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Mayor Eric Adams promised to stop the huge food waste caused by immigrants staying in a large Manhattan hotel and declared that New York City wouldn’t cater to their “cultural” preferences.

Adams remarked, “We’re going to give people food.” People could have varied cultural preferences for particular foods. No, we can’t. We can only provide people food and nutrition.”

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Adams also showed disappointment over a report published by The Post on Tuesday that showed how much food was being wasted every day at the four-star Row NYC hotel close to Times Square.

Adams claimed that during a survey that was done at the hotel, the migrants were asked to “tell us your ideas about food.”

“They stated that they preferred hot food over sandwiches. We made an effort to prepare for that,” he said.

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Adams continued, “I guess I’m a little old-fashioned,” while smiling regretfully. I believe that is a fantastic effort on the part of the citizens of this city if it provides meals to individuals who are in a horrible situations.

Adams added that he learned about the worrying situation “when I saw it in the paper” at a separate news conference at City Hall.

He responded to a query from The Post by saying, “We’re going to investigate into the reason why because we shouldn’t waste food.

Adams added that to stop the waste, authorities would “conduct an analysis.”