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As Other Officer Holds Him Down, Chicago Cop Beats Man Inside Holding Cell

Damien Stewart, 31, admitted his past crimes, including violating the law, but maintained that he did nothing to deserve the assault he received from 2 Chicago police officers in the 4th District holding cell nearly 4 years ago.

“They moved me. I had no idea why they affected me. I remained silent and prevented from making any angry gestures,” said Stewart. In May 2019, according to Stewart, it all began with a traffic check at the corner of 75th and Stoney Island.

“They claimed that the reason I was questioned was that I lacked front or back plates. The tags were out of date. They remove your front and rear plates if you don’t pass the emissions test “explained Stewart.

According to Stewart, the police also discovered an illegal pistol in the car. At about 3 a.m., he was detained and brought to the 4th Police District. Jerold Williams and Delgado Fernandez, the officers who had initially stopped him, awakened Stewart to conduct a third search.

“Even though I didn’t want to comply once more,” Stewart said, “he did.”

Williams may be seen continuously beating Stewart using a closed fist on the holding cell video, which Stewart’s lawyers were able to get despite the absence of audio. Williams continues to strike Stewart in the head when Fernandez appears to be holding him down.