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Are Jacob Batalon and Brooke Reyna really dating? Know all about the rumors surrounding them!

Jacob Batalon and Brooke Reyna

Stars and dating rumours have always been a favourite topic for fans and media. Once again, the star Jacob Batalon finds himself surrounded by dating rumours. Zendaya and Tom Holland have already become the talk of the couple of Spider-man: far from home. Is Jacob to be the second on the casting team? Are the rumours true? Let’s find out!

Jacob Batalon and Brooke Reyna’s career achievements?

Jacob Batalon and Brooke Reyna career achievements

Jacob Batalon is an American actor most famous for his role in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home as Ned Leeds. He is 25 years old, born on 9th October 1996. Jacob has worked in five Marvel movies as a side character, but recently he got his own movie called Reginald: The Vampire with Batalon as the main character. He has also worked in the Every Day, Blood Fest, Avengers: Infinity War, Banana split, Let it snow, 50 States of Fright, and many more. In a short time, Jacob became popular, especially among the young audience. He gained a massive number of fans not just in his native Hawaii but all across the globe. Jacob has always kept his love-life private, but according to his Instagram, Brooke La Reyna is his new date. There’s little known about Brooke la Reyna on the internet besides being Jacob’s partner. According to her Instagram, she has an e-market business.

Are Jacob Batalon and Brooke Reyna a couple?

Based on Jacob’s Instagram post, fans have contemplated that Jacob Batalon is dating Brooke La Reyna. Supposedly, the two started their relationship in 2021, as no pictures were uploaded on social media before that. There have been no remarks about who the beautiful lady is or what she does in her career. All their pictures and videos on the internet have become a new sensation as they look cozy and adorable. The first news of their relationship came out in March 2021; since then, Brooke has become a familiar face on Jacob’s Instagram. The couple loves to take pictures at any moment and as many as possible.

What is known about Jacob Batalon and Brooke Reyna’s relationship?

Jacob Batalon and Brooke Reyna's relationship


During the promotion of Spider-man: no way home, Jacob Batalon talked about his girlfriend, Brooke Reyna. It happened during an interview segment called ‘Web’s Most Searched Questions.’ The 25-year-old slipped his girlfriend’s name as he was answering a Google search query on his relationship. He disclosed Reyna’s name and confessed that he loved her to death. He also mentioned their first in Hawaii on a night out. He wasn’t looking for someone, but she popped out of nowhere, and now they are together. Jacob insinuated that the couple reads books together, like Fat Vampire’s book series by Johnny Truant.

Jacob Batalon and Brooke Reyna places visited together:

Jacob Batalon and Brooke Reyna places

The loving couple has been spotted at Disneyland, as seen in their Instagram posts. They appeared at the Suicide Squad premiere in Los Angeles in August together. The couple often post pictures of their outfits of the day and mirror selfies to show off their matching-coloured outfits. The couple once posted a video of their night out where Jacob wore a white shirt, and Brooke was wearing elegant attire.

Are Jacob Batalon and Brooke Reyna couple Goals?

Jacob Batalon and Brooke Reyna couple goals

According to the pictures posted by Jacob Batalon and Brooke Reyna, the couple has had a lot of pampering sessions. Fans adore this cute couple and support their relationship. Some critics think Reyna is not invested in the relationship and uses Jacob for monetary and personal advances. The couple, however, has seemed to depict their cute pictures of face masking together. Jacob also mentioned that they read books together and go on frequent nights outs. The couple appears to be putting a lot of effort into their relationship, and as fans, we wish all their love. We hope their love overcomes all the criticism and becomes a healthy and successful marriage.