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Apple AirTag Helped California Family to Trace Stolen Expensive Electric Bike to the Thief’s Doorstep

Apple AirTag traces electric bicycle. (Photo: FOX 11 Los Angeles)

A California family was able to track down a thief who had stolen their expensive electronic bicycle using an Apple AirTag, proving the use of the modern technology in tracking things.

Apple AirTag attached to the e-bike. (Photo: Apple AirTag attached to the e-bikeApple AirTag attached to the e-bike (Photo: FOX 11 Los Angeles)

Owner of Expensive E-bike Outsmarts Thied With Apple AirTag Tracking

A family in California placed an Apple AirTag on their $3,000 electronic bike, which was stolen while Johnny Ehrman was at work, FOX 11 Los Angeles reports. Using her iPhone, Ehrman, and her father tracked the AirTag to an apartment complex near their home where they confronted the thief.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office did not release the name of the person who attempted to steal the bike, and a spokesperson with the Sheriff’s Department reminded residents to let law enforcement handle the recovery of stolen items.

While Johnny Ehrman was devastated when her e-bike was stolen, she is grateful that she had put an Apple AirTag in her electric bicycle. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office urged residents to let law enforcement handle the recovery of stolen items, as the family’s actions put them in harm’s way.

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How Apple AirTag Works

According to PC Mag, Apple AirTag is a small puck-shaped tracker designed to help users find lost or stolen items using the Find My app. The device is available for purchase at $29 each or in a pack of four for $99 and can be personalized with free engraving of letters or an image. However, accessories like keychains and loops that hold the device are sold separately.

AirTags use ultra-wideband technology and leverage Apple’s network of devices to locate missing items. This technology allows the devices to ping each other and determine the location of the missing item. Before using the AirTag, it is important to be aware of its features and functions.

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