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An Irate Motorist Attacks an NYPD Agent in Brooklyn

Angry motorist
Angry motorist attacked an NYPD traffic agent. (Photo: MSN)

An irate motorist got angry after he found that he was ticketed by a traffic agent in Brooklyn on Monday. The incident was caught by the surveillance camera.

Angry motorist

Angry motorist attacked an NYPD traffic agent. (Photo: MSN)

Angry Motorist Attacked an NYPD Traffic Agent Caught on Cam

A male NYPD traffic agent was issuing a parking summons. One of those who received the summons was the owner of the vehicle in front of 1602 Avenue Z in Sheepshead Bay. Just before 1:00 p.m. on Monday, the owner got angry and attacked the NYPD traffic agent.

The surveillance camera in the area caught the incident. The owner of the vehicle holds his arms out of disbelief before approaching the NYPD traffic agent on the sidewalk. He confronted the agent and got inches from his face, according to a report published in the New York Post.

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The video camera provided by the NYPD showed that the agent can be seen shaking his head at the owner of the vehicle as they both appeared to be yelling at each other. However, the motorist flicks the agent’s caps off his head before pushing him in the chest.

The NYPD traffic agent pushes him back. The motorist got so violent that grabs a hold of the officer by the collar and pushes him back into the hood of a parked car while they are fighting. After the fight, the NYPD traffic agent was immediately transported to Coney Island Hospital in stable condition by the EMS who responded to the scene.

Meanwhile, the motorist fled the scene in the ticketed vehicle to avoid arrest. His vehicle is a yellow 2022 Volkswagen GTI with a New York license plate.

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